PR Process Update

We’re aware that the amount of time that it takes for us to review a PR has been disappointingly long. That can be discouraging for contributors, and we don’t want that! As a result, we’re making some changes to the ways that we manage PRs to make the process more straightforward.

  1. Effective immediately, SabreCat will be dedicating more of his developer time specifically to reviewing PRs.

  2. PRs for bug fixes will jump to the head of the line, because those are highest priority. Other than that, PRs will usually be reviewed in the order that they were received, though sometimes a high priority PR might skip ahead.

  3. If your PR has a "needs work" label and we haven’t heard from you for a month, we will ping you on GitHub. You’ll have a week to respond to confirm that you’re still working on the PR, or your claim will lapse. You’ll be able to refresh a claim three times before it will lapse automatically. Once your claim has lapsed, we’ll either take over the PR ourselves or release it back to the rest of our dev community. If you completed some work that we decide to use, you’ll receive partial contributor credit. We reserve the right to shorten these turnaround times if the PR is of high priority--we'll clearly state a due date in those cases.

  4. We also welcome members of our coding community to review each others’ work! GitHub makes it easy for contributors to add comments and suggestions on outstanding PRs. (But please only review if you have a good understanding of the code and experience with the functional area of the PR in question.) We are considering the possibility of having a new contributor title for users who we notice are doing a particularly good job with reviewing and testing PRs. More information will be given later if we decide to proceed with this!

  5. We have an upcoming website redesign that will fix a lot of pending issues. Once those are done, we will do a big sweep and close a lot of tickets. After the redesign is done, some of our other developers will also start allotting time each week to working on PRs, so the process should speed up even more!