API Notice - Change to Daily/Cron Damage

A long requested feature known as "Record Yesterday's Activity" has an open PR and is now in the testing phase. This new feature will allow users to mark previous Dailies as complete before Cron damages them. The new feature will be going live July 15th

With this in mind, we will be migrating all previous Dailies to have this new feature we call internally a "Yesterdaily". Yesterdailies will also be the default for all new Dailies.

Update This feature no longer alters Cron, but can create unexpected behavior for your users use your application without using the main Habitica apps. The flow for "Record Yesterday's Activity" is a follows:

  1. Query the user and tasks - no longer forces cron
  2. Check for Dailies marked as yesterdaily
  3. Present those Dailies to the user and allow them to score
  4. Call Cron via a new API route

If you do not implement the above, and your users do not use the main Habitica app, they will take damage for the Dailies marked as "Yesterdaily." However, not all third party apps will need to implement this. Most can simply ignore if they are not replacing the Cron flow for Habitica.

If you have any questions or need help, don't hesitate to contact us on Github or in the Aspiring Comrades guild.